The Groove


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All tracks are recorded in a spontaneous improvised manner typically in a single take. Most lyrics are also spontaneous improvisations derived from the feelings of the moment. We let the guitar and drums interact and the music just happens. Most if not all of the music is inspired from this interaction.

The recording equipment consists of a dated Fostex 8 track and a few microphones...We simply lay down a guitar and drum track and let it unfold the way you are hearing it by bouncing tracks.

This crude and very inexpensive method of recording is then greatly enhanced through expert craftsmanship utilizing nothing more than a windows based computer and Cubase by Erika Bach at her Strudel Girl Studio in Ithaca Greece. Erika mixes and masters these sounds like a painter chooses colors and brush strokes to create a image conceived on canvas. She becomes a virtual extension of the entire artistic process that is irreplaceable in our opinions...Her strokes are all over the Songs!

All music is improvised by Michael Walker at his Purple Datsun Studio in the little room under The Big Sky of Montana...


released February 17, 2015

All Music & Lyrics by Michael Walker



all rights reserved


SCREACH Missoula, montana

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Track Name: The Groove
The Groove

It’s just another Saturday night
And I don’t feel right
I can’t seem to get myself in the groove

It seems no matter what I try
I can’t even get myself high
I can’t get into the groove

I guess it’s just not all that big a deal
I guess I’ll have to be myself
I’ll have to be real, real, real

Just as long as I have you by my side
I’ll have myself a natural high
I’ll find the groove

I guess that will just have to do
Were gonna get into it
Gonna find the groove me & you
Track Name: Doing Time
I feel like loving you is a crime
The pains I get from you baby are like a killing field
A week can be long sometimes like a year or two
And I am not that strong when I am down in the hole

And just like Cool Hand Luke run from them dogs
Trying to get away from it all
I am doing time
For my crimes

I have been climbing ladders up and down just to get across
Making you happy baby is like living in a crossword town
There is something in the oven is turning crispy brown
Well it’s too late now, it’s me, and it’s where I have been hiding out

The man in the frown isn’t a circus clown
It’s just me and I have been feeling down
Doing time
For my crimes
Doing time
For my crimes
Track Name: Flip Flap Flopping
Flip Flap Flopping

Nothing going to make things change until I go away for good
It isn’t going to make much difference anyway until I am dead and gone for good
I do not want you to worry
I do not want you to pray
There is nothing that’s ever going to make me change my evil ways

You can kick the ground and I isn’t coming down
That’s that there is no turning back
Take the key baby it don’t work for me
All by myself until the end

Looks great but doesn’t seem right like thumbing through a dirty magazine
It’s a pity, a pity you never said
You just look the other way
Never say a thing, no, no, no
Not one thing, no, na, na, na, no

Isn’t going to come back, chicken of that
Chicken to take a step, take a step way back
Not Again, What the fuck
Walk back talking a flipping and a flopping
Walk back talking that way
Your flip flap flopping
Yea it will not stop him
He is gone away, he is gone away, he is gone for good, he’s never coming back again, he’ gone, gone away, he’s gone away…yea, yea, yea
Track Name: Song 59
I was badly burned sad & lonely
I was feeling so badly blue
But then I am not your ordinary
No tears fall from these eyes
But lately all I can do is think about you baby
A steady ship for which I could report to
But then I am not no ordinary sailor
I have got to have myself some drugs
I have got to find myself a savior
I cannot shoot you in the name of any God
And If I were to be the President
I would gather you up with my flock of ferries and lead you right on into this Promised Land
And the do goods, and the do nothings, and the dirt’s and the neat’s and the homeless boys and girls living off the streets
Trying to scrape around and find themselves some love some form of a family to call themselves
And in the meantime the mean wells don’t do nothing at all and the church bells ringing all night long
And well the smack and cigarettes are the foods for the soul and the songs about this day
Track Name: Simple Girl
She drinks from different cups
Never really believed in luck
She says you make your own
Lay your head down you have a home
She’s my simple Girl
My simple girl
She’s really bothered by the factory smoke
Money she says is a joke
She gets all her cloths second hand
Can you imagine that?
I can
Everybody loves the way she moves
Everybody loves the things she says and does she is so cool
And I love her too
She’s my simple girl
My simple girl
And she will say that she needs you
And you will say that you love her too
And she will say that you move so fast
And she will say that she loves the way that you feed her
Don’t you ever leave her?
Don’t you ever leave her alone?
I don’t want to drown her in my world
I don’t want to drown her in my world
I don’t want to drown her in my dirty world